Friday, July 6, 2012

Quilter's horoscope

I've just read a post in my friend Leanne's blog, referring to the quilter's horoscope. Funny, but not totally wrong, I found mine very close to my way of being...

Libra - September 23 to October 23
Easygoing and sociable Libra’s are great fun to have in patchwork and quilting classes and workshops. They enjoy helping others and never turn down a request to lend a hand to pin a quilt top. Friends are very important to Libra, and they don’t mind sharing their stash or tools. Unfortunately helpful Libra rarely will ask for help. They think that if they wait long enough for a problem to go away it will. Thus they end up with unfinished quilts when they do run into difficulty. Instead of finding a solution for the glitch they put it aside and move on to another project. They believe that they will be able to return to the project later and the predicament will have fixed itself. Funnily this sometimes works. You will find that a quilt designed by a Libra is always perfectly balanced.


  1. Ha ha ha ha, that's me too. I think of the abandoned quilts as "maturing"

  2. perfectly balanced quilts! That's great! Thanks for the link. And dont hesitate to ask your bee friends for help!

  3. This is so funny!
    I'm a Libra too and I can relate to it all.
    Lots of projects and ufo's!

    I'm not that keen to share my stash though...
    It must be the bad influence of Mars in my horoscope *lol*

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